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    View of the south side of the church

    Welcome to St Matthew's Church Salford Priors 

    (part of the Heart of England Group of Parishes)

    Worshipping God  Making new disciples Transforming communities

    St Matthew's is now a collection point for the Bidford branch of Arden Foodbank.

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    At St Matthew's we are a group of people learning to love God and to love each other.

    We have been drawn together for many reasons and, looking back, see the love of God reaching out to us in so many ways. Life can be hard or hurtful and some have found healing. Some were broken and feel God putting life back together. Others were brought up as Christians while still others met someone or heard someone speaking about God's love and explored for themselves.

    It is remarkable to be in a community of such different kinds of people, yet to see how God's love brings us very close together.

    There is so much more to our life together than "going to church". We do worship together, but also share our hopes, fears and joys. In small groups midweek we pray for each other, study the Bible and try to discern God's message for our lives today.

    We would probably say we have found life's deepest and most precious treasure. We didn't deserve it. You are most welcome to come and share it, there is lots to go round.


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