• Welcome to St Matthew's Church

    in the village of Salford Priors

    Unfortunately the church building

    is now closed and all services cancelled until further notice

    but we, THE CHURCH, are still open!

    Do you want to be part of something BIG this week? We are encouraging everyone to make a palm cross using any material they like. Write across the horizontal limb 'CHANGING CHURCH' and down the vertical limb whatever you choose. For example: 'UNCHANGING GOD' or 'FAITHFUL GOD' or 'JESUS SAVES'. (Download the template here)

    You might also like to put your cross in your window where people can see it alongside your Rainbows of hope.

    During this week, Holy Week, turn the cross over and decorate it brightly - you might want to add the words 'He is risen' and display it in the window on Easter Day.


    This is Holy Week


    An Audio Maundy Thursday Service with Revd Fritha Middlemiss

    An Audio Good Friday "Meditation" with Revd Michael Godfrey

    On Easter Sunday: our usual Video recorded Family Service

    An Easter Sunday Service with Revd Peter Walker

    (all links will go live on the appropriate day)




    Virtual Family Church for Sunday 5th April







    Go to our Recordings page for:

    Gospel reading for Palm Sunday with a short note of explanation added


    Listen to Revd Peter Walker's service for Sunday 5th April


    Spring Harvest 2020 - a BIG change!

    SPRING HARVEST are excited to announce the launch of "Spring Harvest Home" which can be broadcast into your living room every day next week starting on Easter Monday. Click here to watch their promo video which tells you more about it.



    If you need any practical help or assistance in the coming days,

    please contact the parish office on 01386 872758

    or email admin@stmatthewssalfordpriors.org.uk 

    Click here to see a video message from the Bishop of Coventry

    St Matthew's and the whole Church of England is going to look very different in the days ahead.

    Our life is going to be less characterised by attendance at church on Sunday,

    and more characterised by the prayer and service we offer one another each day.




    We are part of the Heart of England Group of Parishes which includes:

    • Bidford on Avon
    • Binton
    • Exhall
    • Temple Grafton
    • Wixford

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    At St Matthew's we are a group of people learning to love God and to love each other.

    We have been drawn together for many reasons and, looking back, see the love of God reaching out to us in so many ways. Life can be hard or hurtful and some have found healing. Some were broken and feel God putting life back together. Others were brought up as Christians while still others met someone or heard someone speaking about God's love and explored for themselves.

    It is remarkable to be in a community of such different kinds of people, yet to see how God's love brings us very close together.

    There is so much more to our life together than "going to church". We do worship together, but also share our hopes, fears and joys. In small groups midweek we pray for each other, study the Bible and try to discern God's message for our lives today.

    We would probably say we have found life's deepest and most precious treasure. We didn't deserve it. You are most welcome to come and share it, there is lots to go round.


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